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P (A Poem)

Painfully pursuing perfection. Pondering the wonders of the world until my pupils connected with a person whose position matched my own. And I believe that it is you.

I am pained when I see that you’ve allowed pitiful, trivial peasants to place their hate upon you. My sole purpose is to please you. Because it is you.

Pining for the perfect smile that spreads across your precious face. I’d prefer to put you in a place high above the world tucked away putting you at peace. I know I am stingy but it is you.

Painting a portrait of you in my head when we are apart, patiently awaiting the arrival of my life partner. See our souls connect on a higher plane that no passport, password or pathway can connect too. And when our passions release we ascend to a new plateau of love.

I say all this to say that…. it is you.

To Love Again (a poem)

I want to be whole again. I long to love deeply and feel strongly.

I want the rest of my heart back. It beats slowly through coagulated blood lined with resentment and angst.

I want to breathe again. I’ve been sucking in the putrid toxins surrounding me. Constantly burning my fragile lungs which have already been singed by the black smoke of betrayal.

Mind clouded by ideals of what’s real and what’s not. Confusion surrounds me. I know what I want but I know what I need.

Needing my soul set afire.

Kissing you is all that I am able to think of…..
I want to trace your lips to sense how intense it would be to tease you
Oh how amazing it must be to feel your hands seize my body awaiting the soft pleasure of you
Stifling my breath so that I can take in the sweet essence of you
I can only imagine the deep passion of it all
Getting caught up in the exciting whirlwind of it all
Knowing that it is like fire to experience it all
Playing a game of tag so moist and so sweet deeper and deeper my heart creeps I can’t lie and say I couldn’t just weep at this moment because
Kissing you is all that I am able to think of…..
Latoria (via epitomeofreal81)


Wrapped in a shiny package drawing me forward my heart is unknowingly seized by you. I have an additive personality and at this moment you’re my drug of choice. Without you I have an unbearable feeling of isolation and helplessness. Craving just a taste of my recreational fix. I want to consume you in hopes of overdosing on your essence. Forcing myself into cardiac arrest, triggering feelings of euphoria that only you can give me. I’m addicted. There are consequences with this type of relationship. Losing all sense of time I cannot function outside of your aura. I rely on the surge of light you supply within me. Addiction.

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